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William A. Cunningham II

William  A. Cunningham II
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    Introducing William A. Cunningham III: South Florida’s Real Estate Maestro and Leader of The Starboard Group

    Prepare to set sail on a real estate journey like no other with William A. Cunningham III at the helm. As the leader and the captain of South Florida’s real estate landscape, I am dedicated to reshaping the industry and guiding clients toward their dreams in Palm Beach County and beyond.

    A true native of Palm Beach County, my roots run deep in this vibrant community. Armed with a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, I’ve made it my life’s mission to showcase the beauty and potential of this remarkable region. Real estate isn’t just a career for me โ€“ it’s a passion, a calling to help others discover the wonders of where I call home.

    With years of experience under my belt, I possess a unique competitive advantage in securing the best deals in prime locations for my clients. Specializing in both luxury residential and commercial real estate, I offer exclusive insider tips and knowledge that provide unparalleled security and comfort to those who entrust their real estate journey to my capable hands.

    But my commitment to excellence doesn’t end there. As the driving force behind The Starboard Group, I work tirelessly to assemble a team of astute, ambitious, and knowledgeable agents dedicated to providing top-of-the-line service to every client.
    Together, we’re not just a real estate team โ€“ we’re pioneers in building a fully integrated real estate company, offering expertise in capital structuring, debt financing, development oversight, management services, architectural and design, and construction.

    With an extensive rolodex of connections cultivated over years of dedication, I don’t just help my clients find their dream properties โ€“ I offer them a lifetime of new connections and experiences, unveiling all that this vibrant area has to offer.

    So, if you’re ready to embark on a real estate journey of unparalleled success, trust William A. Cunningham III and The Starboard Group to navigate you toward your brightest future in South Florida’s dynamic real estate market.

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