About Us

The Starboard Group is a premier political and non-profit consulting firm with offices in Colorado and Washington D.C. Whether tasked with raising millions of dollars for candidates seeking federal office or breathing new life into dynamic non-profits, the Starboard Group has delivered.

Starboard is a nautical term for righting the course of a ship. At the The Starboard Group, we aim to put our clients on the right course with strategic planning, skilled execution, and unmatched attention to detail. With the Starboard Group on their side, our clients have always had the resources and advice to achieve their goals.

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Kristin Strohm

Board Chair

Until early 2019, Kristin Strohm served as the President and Co-Founder of the Starboard Group. Today, she remains Board Chair of the organization.

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Kerrianne Savery

Vice President

Kerrianne is a Vice President at the Starboard Group. While at Starboard, she has worked on a range of clients, including statewide races, PACs, ballot initiatives and non-profits.  Read More…

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Laura Leprino

Director of Strategic Initiatives

After enjoying diverse careers in banking, general contracting and real estate, Laura returns to Starboard group heading up our Client Services Division. Read More…



Katlynn Crine

Vice President

Katlynn is a Southern-California native and a graduate from New Mexico State University, where she studied Criminal Justice, Government, and Law and Society. Read More…

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Kate Mandel

Executive Assistant

Katelyn (Kate), was born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Read More…

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